Pelican at the Melbourne Aquarium

Pelican at the Melbourne Aquarium


Steve Tobin

Ph 03 5798 5351     Mo 0418 367 277


Steve has been a boilermaker-welder for 30 years and since moving to Longwood in rural Victoria, Australia, he has been inspired to create works of art from old farm machinery found lying about unwanted or sourced from clearing sales.

Always looking for inspiration from his surroundings, Steve aims to create unique artworks which reflect both the client's environment and personality.

Steve's work can be seen in such places as the Melbourne Aquarium, Euroa Arboretum, locally at the entrance to Longwood and the White Hart Hotel.

His artwork often combines a practical component with the creative, such as wood stacks, bird baths, fireplace grates, tables and candelabrum.



Steve has held  number of successful local exhibitions and amongst his highlights is a pair of pelicans in the main foyer of the Melbourne Aquarium.


Melbourne Aquarium

Euroa Arboretum

Enquiries about private, corporate or community commissions welcome.  


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